Friday, May 21, 2010

Chocolove Organic Dark Chocolate 73% Cocoa Content

3.2oz (90g) bar
Ingredients: Organic cocoa liquor, o. sugar, o. cocoa butter.
8g sugar/30g serving (26.7% by wt.)

I first had the pleasure of tasting Chocolove's products at my then-local Whole Foods in Denver, Colorado. A Chocolove employee (I assume) was handing out tasty samples of several bars, and I learned that Chocolove is based in nearby Boulder, which you may recognize as any of the following: neo-hippie, nestled in the scenic foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and home to both Celestial Seasonings teas and the scandal- and controversy-ridden University of Colorado. For a town of less than 100,000 people, it's an interesting place.

I no longer live in Denver, but I feel a little warm fondness when I see Chocolove on the shelves elsewhere. Most of the bars are too high in sugar for my needs, so I don't buy it often, but the price is reasonable (in the $2-3 range) so if I find it on sale I might get one of the high-cacao offerings. Today I tried one of Chocolove's two organic products, the 73% cacao bar.

The bar has a nice gloss and a color like a crayon labeled “brown.” The scent is sunny and cheerful, and the rounded blocks break more or less on the scored lines, which I appreciate in light of some of the thicker, blockier bars I've tried. The texture is just a touch chalky, not quite as smooth as other bars I've had, but it's thick and creamy and the taste is sweet and fairly mild. If I sit and chew and think, I suppose it has a bit of the perfume of tropical fruit rather than the red or purple berries and tannins of some companies' chocolates, though I'm not sure the casual snacker would notice anything like that. You might prefer to think of it as medium-bodied, flavorful, and not especially strong.

Conclusion: Chocolove's Organic Dark Chocolate 73% Cocoa Content bar doesn't stand out as one of my favorites, but it's a very good option for those who want a solid, flavorful, not-too-dark bar. 

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