Thursday, May 19, 2011

Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72%

100g (3.5oz) bar
Ingredients: Cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla
11g sugar/40g serving (27.5% by wt.)

Corporate Info: I've seen Michel Cluizel's black boxes at all the fancy shops, and I've bought the confections. When I googled the brand I found pages and pages of commercial sites, reviews, and news bytes, though nothing especially edifying. I'll just tell you what the Cluizel site says: Michel Cluizel is a French brand (there's even a museum/experience in Normandy) that started in 1948 and opened a U.S. subsidiary in 2004. It's not chocolate you can feel socially responsible about, but the product quality seems to be well respected.

Appearance: Rather dark, sightly glossy, sharply molded.

Smell: Dried fruit: fig, raisin, that sort of thing.

Taste: Buttery in flavor and texture. Both bitter and sweet. Fairly mild, actually—the bitterness is a flavor, not a mouth-drying, tannic experience, and it fades while the sweetness lingers and lingers, like drinking a sip of coffee and then eating a big raisin.

Conclusion: Buttery Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72% starts bitter and ends a little too sweet for my taste.

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