Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marabou Premium Filled Passion Fruit

150g bar
Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, vegetable oil, cocoa butter, butterfat, milk powder, passion fruit juice, banana puree, cocoa powder, whey powder, soy lecithin, flavoring
45.5g sugar/100g serving (45.5% by wt.)

During last fall's East Coast trip I traveled as light as possible, which meant I didn't have much reading material other than what presented itself along the way. In New York City that was The Village Voice, and lucky me! That particular issue was the annual Best of New York, perfect for a visitor looking to sight-see. Thus I found myself in a young, bright white, minimally-decorated Scandinavian candy store called Sockerbit. I was mostly looking for licorice, a taste I've been slowly acquiring, but while I was there I also bought three unusually-flavored chocolate bars. Admittedly, all are pretty sweet—i.e. not super-dark chocolate—but they were novel and a compact, cheap souvenir from a big, expensive city. I know they won't be dark enough for my taste, so the question here is about their flavorings. Today's is passion fruit, from a filled bar by Marabou.

Corporate Info: Marabou is indeed a Swedish brand, dating back to 1916 and started by a Norwegian who had already started a successful, identical brand in Norway called Freia. At some point the two merged, and in the early '90s they were bought by Kraft, the second largest food and drink company in the world. You're not going to find much organic, fair trade, small business, or anything else like that with this bar. Oh, well. The chocolate is still packaged under the Marabou name and the ingredients are given in Swedish, Danish, and Finnish, so hopefully I translated them correctly here!

Appearance: Big, matte, medium-light brown. The filling is a truffley sort, basically the same color as the outside and with little chunks in it.

Smell: Sweet and jelly-ish. I think I get more of the banana than the passion fruit.

Taste: Texture is soft—the outside is a little firmer than the inside, but not much—and with scattered small crispies. Flavor is sweet with low-key banana flavor, real bananas rather than banana candy flavoring. The banana lingers, though not in a bad way, rather like almost imperceptible pieces of dried banana are stuck to my teeth, so I get random bursts of banana flavor. If there's passion fruit, it just contributes to the tropical vibe rather than standing out in any way.

Conclusion: Marabou Premium Filled Passion Fruit is a big, soft, mass-market, filled bar with an interesting banana flavor.

P.S. From the next day: This makes incredibly sweet, insipid hot chocolate. Seriously, don't do it.


  1. My inner Scandinavian wants to congratulate you on this purchase, and perhaps offer you a side of lutefisk to go with your chocolate as well.

    Somehow passion fruit doesn't sound very Nordic, but it does sound tasty:)

  2. Well then, I think you'll be pleased by the Scandinavian-ness of the next two weeks' bars :)