Friday, December 4, 2009

Newman’s Own Organics N Signature Series Super Dark Chocolate 70%

2.25oz (64g) bar
Ingredients: organic chocolate liquor, o. evaporated cane juice, o. cocoa butter, o. soy lecithin, o. vanilla
16g sugar in a 64g bar (25% by wt.)

I’d always avoided buying this bar because it seemed undersized for the value (though for organic it's actually fairly reasonably priced) and because I’ve liked but not loved other Newman’s Own products in the past. On the other hand, it's widely available, and I was eventually able to pick it up on sale.

This bar surprised me: It’s creamy and rich but also light, with a soft, smooth texture and no hint of waxiness. The flavor is sweeter than you'd think for being only 1/4 sugar by weight, and it has a touch of caramel for complexity. My husband picked up a piece and went back for more, and I finished the last of the bar within a couple days.

Conclusion: Pleasant, easy to eat, and worth buying again.

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