Saturday, March 10, 2012

Brand Overview: Green & Black's

This is the first in an occasional series of posts on brands of dark chocolate that I feel I know pretty well. In these posts I'd like to cover the basics: Who gets the money you're spending, where you can buy the products and how much they cost, and what kinds of products the brand offers and what kind of experience you can expect from the chocolate. I hope you enjoy this little break from individual bar reviews! 

Brand: Green & Black's 

Originally: British 

Who's getting the money now: Kraft 

Where to find it: In the US, all over the place. Here in Seattle I can find most of Green & Black's American product line in Whole Foods, and a portion of it in more general grocery stores like QFC (a Kroger brand). 

Cost: Usually around $4 a bar, though I tend to buy them when I find them on sale for $2.50 each (and once $2!), which happens at my local Whole Foods every few months. 

Product Range and Eating Experience: Green & Black's is organic and sometimes fair trade, and has a fairly wide, tasty, and interesting range of dark chocolate flavors. Mainstays are the 85% and 70% chocolate bars, but there are slightly lower-cacao flavors like ginger, cherry, mint, espresso, and spicy (not hot) Maya Gold. Flavorings tend to be strong and uniform, except for the relatively dull hazelnut current. There are also less-dark and non-dark options like peanut, toffee, milk, and white chocolate. Texture is waxy-rich and chocolateyness is deep and accessible, neither super intense nor insipid. Held by several dark chocolate lovers I know as the pinnacle of what's currently available in reliable, basic dark chocolate.

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