Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shaman Organic Chocolates 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Açaí, Lemon, & Orange

2oz (57g) bar
Ingredients: Organic sugar, o. chocolate liquor, o. cocoa butter, o. soy lecithin, o. vanilla, o. lemon peel, o. açaí, o. orange oil
9g sugar/28.5g serving (31.6% by wt.)

Corporate Info: (Copied from last week.) As of this writing Shaman's website is under construction, but the bar packaging explains that the point of the company is to support Mexico's indigenous Huichol people. I've found a lot of positive commentary on assorted unfamiliar-to-me websites and an A rating by the Better World Shopper; I hope this organic, fair trade chocolate's actual practices live up to the hype.

Appearance: Reddish, glossy, with inclusions visible on the back and more air bubbles than the 82% bar.

Smell: Fun! Complex, sweet-sour, perfumey from the lemon peel and spicy orange oil. Any scent from the chocolate is subtle or in keeping with the inclusions.

Taste: Rather sweet, not sour at all, and just not as interesting as I'd hoped. Açaí is hard and crunchy, stone-like and unpleasant, and the fibers stick around in my teeth after the chocolate is gone. Good spice from the orange oil, but it's not enough to stand up to the sweetness. Perhaps this would've been better with 70% cacao or higher.

Conclusion: Shaman Organic Chocolates 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with Açaí, Lemon, & Orange smells better than it tastes.


  1. I've never had açaí in chocolate. Funny, I just mentioned Vivani on your other Shaman post, but one of the few lemon chocolate bars I've had was also by Vivani. I didn't care for that one either; maybe I'm just not pro-Vivani.

    I have had a Teuscher lemon that was pretty tasty.

    Even though it didn't turn out very good, I do like Shaman's ideas here.

  2. I think I ate that lemon bar once too, and I decided I wasn't so pro-Vivani either. Sounds like I need to try Teuscher!

    I too am disappointed with not-so-good chocolate from a well-meaning company (as far as I can tell, anyway). With relatively few organic and/or fair trade and/or independent options, I want them all to be good and they just aren't. Fortunately new ventures are always starting up, and it's hard to lose entirely when it comes to chocolate :)