Friday, December 18, 2009

Green & Black’s Organic Baking Chocolate with 72% Cocoa Content Including Extra Cocoa Butter for Easier Melting

5.3oz (150g) bar
Ingredients: Organic chocolate liquor, o. raw cane sugar, o. cocoa butter, soy lecithin, o. vanilla extract, o. whole milk powder
5g sugar/20g serving (25% by wt.)

I generally like Green & Black’s products. This bar is sold for baking rather than eating, and the extra cocoa butter did give it a smooth texture. I’m not sure what accounted for its particular taste, though, as I found it cloying, with a tart aftertaste that lingered unpleasantly.

Conclusion: I didn’t really enjoy this, but perhaps it’ll be better when I use it in baked goods.

P.S. I love that Green & Black’s attempts to use organic and fair trade cacao, but its website pats itself on the back about it so much it’s kind of entertaining.

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