Friday, August 6, 2010

Chocolove Extra Strong Dark Chocolate 77% Cocoa

3.2oz (90g) bar
Ingredients: Cocoa liquor, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin
6g sugar/30g serving (20% by wt.)

Chocolove prints love poems on the inside of its chocolate bar wrappers, a wholly unnecessary but cute gimmick. The poem on today's Extra Strong 77% wrapper is from Twelfth Night, which caught my eye because I've just been watching a TV series that revolves around a Shakespeare festival and am about to attend such a festival myself. Thus, I'm giving Chocolove points for (arbitrary and subjective) topicality.

Fortunately, the bar is pretty good, too. It's a glossy dark brown of the down-the-middle brown brown sort and molded into Chocolove's usual pillow-topped shape, and it smells like dried fruit, which isn't my favorite scent on its own but often heralds a flavor I will like. In this case, it's low on the bitter/sour index and high in smooth, mild intensity, with a texture that is waxy (seemingly a personal preference of mine) and just so slightly gritty-chalky in a nice way. Nothing about it wows me, but it does have the complexity that I find necessary to any bar I'll buy more than once, and I usually find it for a reasonable $2.50-$2.75 in my local stores.

Conclusion: For general snacking, Chocolove Extra Strong Dark Chocolate 77% Cocoa is a great choice: Reasonably priced, easy to find, and with a mild medium-dark flavor profile. 

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