Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Moonstruck Dominican Republic Single Origin Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao


2oz (56g) bar
Ingredients: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla bean
7g sugar/25g serving (28% by wt.)

I've seen Moonstruck's distinctive bright-and-white boxes in stores, but I finally bought this not-cheap bar when sampled it at a festival.

Corporate Info: Portland, Oregon-based Moonstruck makes bars and confections, single-origin and blends, plain and flavored. The company once operated a bunch of chocolate cafés around the country but scaled back a couple years ago to the Portland area alone, and made the news recently for working with a special, rare cocoa bean. While Moonstruck's chocolate is neither organic nor fair trade certified, the company claims that it works with vendors it trusts to eschew abusive labor practices. Your comfort level with this state of affairs may vary.

Appearance: Standard: reddish brown, neither glossy nor dull.

Smell: Fruity.

Taste: Smooth, bright, and fruity. Complex and well balanced.

Snooty Reviewer Stuff: This is actually a really interesting bar. I'm tasting tart red fruits like raspberry and dried cherry, something nutty and tropical like cashew, and a background note of pleasant perfume, maybe vanilla and caramel. A bit tannic. This isn't seriously “out there”—pungent or seriously mouth-drying—but it's not mild and sweet either.

Conclusion: Moonstruck Dominican Republic Single Origin Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao is complex, interesting, and balanced.

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