Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recchiuti Bittersweet

4oz (113g) bar
Ingredients: Cacao beans, sugar, cacao butter, soy lecithin, vanilla bean
11g sugar/42g serving (26.2% by wt.)

Corporate Info: San Francisco's Recchiuti is really a confectioner; bars are only a small part of a product line that includes everything from chocolate-dipped fruit crisps to brownies to sauces. Recchiuti is quite expensive, and quite well-liked. None of the chocolate is organic or fair trade.

Appearance: By the time I opened my bar it was a little beat up around the edges, but otherwise this is a glossy, standard orangey-red chocolate in a thick-ish bar that isn't deeply scored, i.e. it doesn't break into clean blocks.

Smell: Nice. Beany, a little smoky, a touch of tang.

Taste: This is a very chocolatey chocolate: The flavor is beany, like cacao nibs and lightly roasted coffee, and the texture is waxy and dense. It's also a little sour, which adds to the complexity and makes this basic chocolate not so mild that I'd eat the entire bar before realizing it.

Conclusion: Recchiuti Bittersweet isn't my favorite, but its chocolateyness is so emblematic of a certain flavor profile that I think some eaters might love it.

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