Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Divine 70% Dark Chocolate

3.5 oz in 20-something small candies
Ingredients: Fair trade cocoa, ft. sugar, ft. cocoa butter, soy lecithin, ft. vanilla
11g sugar/41g serving (26.8% by wt.)

Corporate Info: I've written about Divine before, and while I didn't love the chocolate, the company is pretty amazing. It grew out of a Ghanaian co-op run by and for small-scale family farmers with a mission to buy the farmers' cocoa at fair prices, increase women's involvement, and work toward environmentally sound growing methods. The co-op eventually decided to produce its own chocolate, and in 1997 formed Divine Chocolate with investment capital from an assortment of socially conscious groups including for-profit corporations, nonprofits, and faith-based charities. The beans are grown in Ghana, the chocolate is produced in the UK, and subsidiaries distribute the finished product in North America and Europe. The investing organizations and the farmers' co-op all receive dividends from their shares in Divine—and the farmers' corporate presence means they're also part of decision-making processes. Everyone benefits in a fascinating globalized web of grass-roots organizing, international business, and social responsibility—it can be done! Divine is listed highly in both my sources of socially-focused chocolate producers, though while nearly all ingredients are fair trade, they are not organic.

Appearance: Dark, with a dull finish.

Smell: Dried fruit, like cranberries or golden raisins.

Taste: Very raisiny, just a little bitter, turning into something still concentrated and succulent but lighter, maybe like dates. Lingering dried fruit aftertaste. Texture is initially hard then melts into dense and creamy.

Conclusion: Divine 70% Dark Chocolate is good for those who like chocolate with a deep dried fruit vibe and/or want to support a really outstanding chocolate company.

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