Saturday, July 23, 2011

German Chocolate: Leysieffer Cardamom Dark Chocolate (Kardamom Schokolade)

100g bar
Ingredients: [I forgot to write these down, but I believe they were just sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, and cardamom.]

Last week I introduced Leysieffer; today's question is about the combination of chocolate (in this case a mild, somewhat-dark chocolate) and cardamom. I usually associate cardamom with Indian curries, where their cool, spicy intensity is combined with a host of other spices, so I don't spend a lot of time with just cardamom. This should be interesting!

Here's a little background on cardamom: Cardamom is related to ginger, but the spice we use in cooking is a seed pod, not a root, so you won't notice any similarity aside from strong flavor. Two varietals are cultivated widely, one small and green and one bigger and brown. The oblong seed pod or ground seeds are used in many different types of preparations—food, drink, medicine—in India, the Middle East, other parts of Asia, and some Northern European countries (presumably a colonial remnant). I couldn't tell you which type is in this chocolate, but the picture on the front is of stylized brown seed pods.

So, cardamom in chocolate.... It smells great: bright and spicy. Here the cardamom is front and center, and the chocolate is more of a foundation, filling out the scent's complexity. The flavor is similar, not shying away from the cardamom at all, with the chocolate playing backup. I'm not sure I'd say cardamom's piney (wikipedia says “resinous”) flavor is a total natural with chocolate, but it's not a total mismatch, and to be fair I'm also not accustomed to cardamom as a standard sort of ingredient.

Cardamom + chocolate conclusion: For cardamom lovers and adventurous eaters.


  1. I love cardamom. It must be all the Scandinavian baking that I do, but I throw it into anything and everything. I've never thought of it as resinous before, that's something I'll have to investigate next time around. This bar looks right up my alley.

  2. Hi Emma, I'm sorry about the delay! I was out of town again (nothing so fun as Germany this time) and then had a flight canceled, but now I'm back.

    What do you put cardamom into? Breads? Or desserts too? I could see using it more if I were a little more purposeful about it.

  3. Yeah, the baked goods I make with cardamom are usually yeast-based, so they range from breads to (more dessert-like) rolls. I think my favorite pairing would be a cardamom-cinnamon roll, so good!

  4. Ooh, that sounds good. I might have to do some baking soon!