Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anthon Berg Lingonberry

100g (3.53oz) bar
Ingredients: Fair trade sugar, ft. cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, dried lingonberries, canola lecithin
47% sugar (labeled)

Today's lingonberry bar is another item I brought home from my trip to New York's Sockerbit. I've had sour, juicy lingonberries in other Northern European products (mostly jams) and thought they would be fun in a chocolate bar.

Corporate Info: Denmark's Anthon Berg was founded in 1884 and is now owned by TomsInternational, a chocolate and candy company operating in Scandinavia and the UK (though the subsidiary site avoids mentioning Toms). Anthon Berg produces assorted chocolate items including flavored fairtrade bars, chocolate-covered marzipan, and those little foil-wrapped chocolate bottles filled with branded liquor.

Appearance: Euro-style thin and flat, slightly orangey brown, semi-glossy, and stamped with Anthon Berg's A logo.

Smell: Much more chocolate than berry, light and tart.

Taste: While this is sweeter than most chocolate I eat, it actually works pretty well even for my taste buds. The chocolate is light but has sour and slightly bitter notes, so it's not super duper mild, and the lingonberries provide tiny little centers of brief sour flavor that interrupt the sweet chocolate for just a moment. Texture is firm, with good chew and those little crunchy-chewy berries to break it up. None of it is intense or challenging, but this bar is way more interesting than it might have been.

Conclusion: Anthon Berg Lingonberry is sweeter than my usual, but the decent-quality chocolate and tiny, sour lingonberries make it all work.


  1. Didn't see any way to leave a non-post-specific comment, so:

    I wanted to pass along a local (to me) chocolatier that I didn't see on your company list, and that's Chuao Chocolatier. Here's a link: . My (current) favorite of theirs is Panko, a "dark chocolate bar with toasted Panko breadcrumbs and sea salt."

  2. These sound so fun! Anise, honey, potato chips... I'll be looking out for Chuao now!