Saturday, April 27, 2013

Indi Chocolate

Corporate Info: Indi Chocolate is a small batch, bean-to-bar company in Seattle, producing not only dark chocolate but also cacao-infused skin products. A generous co-taster spotted Indi's small storefront in Pike Place Market and brought me a sampling of its dark chocolate bars.

Today's Bars: Four in total: plain, dried cherries, dried cranberries, and crystallized ginger. All include only cocoa beans, cocoa butter, sugar, and cherries/cranberries/ginger.

Appearance: Indi's plain bar comes in a fancy mold, imprinted with leaves and cacao pods (and some air bubbles around the edges). The others involve spreading chocolate out in a thin sheet, sprinkling on the inclusion, then cooling and breaking up the pieces. Either way, the chocolate has a nice, low-shine sheen and a deep, rich, medium brown color. 

Smell: Surprisingly buttery, and even the plain chocolate is deeply sweet, like dried fruit.

Taste: The plain chocolate starts out sweet, but is followed by a thin, bitter edge that adds complexity, and there's an underlying dark, fruity flavor like dried dates or plums. The chocolate under the inclusions tastes like it might be lower cacao, but I wouldn't swear to it. The cherry and cranberry both work really well, sweet and moist against the bittersweet chocolate. The ginger is surprisingly subtle, more than I personally would like, but for the ginger-wary it would work well. 

Conclusion: Indi Chocolate is a Seattle-local company making a fine chocolate product with good inclusions, especially the fruits.


  1. Thank you for finding us!

    The chocolate with the inclusions is the same chocolate (72%) as the straight chocolate.

    As far as the ginger inclusions, I use clear packaging so you can pick the amount of ginger you want with your chocolate. I use different sizes of the ginger to give you both a ginger taste and ginger bursts.

    I welcome you and your readers to come on into our store in Pike Place Market and say hello. I always enjoy meeting other dark chocolate enthusiasts and talking chocolate.

    I also like getting recommendations of what people would like to see for the next indi chocolate inclusion, product, etc.

    You can also find indi chocolate online at

    Thanks again,

    Erin (Founder and Maker)

  2. Nice to hear from you, Erin! I hope readers follow your note and try your chocolate--it's a great product.