Friday, February 26, 2010

Theo Organic Fair Trade Mint Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao

3oz (84g) bar
Ingredients: Organic fair trade cocoa beans, oft. sugar, oft. cocoa butter, o. mint oil, o. ground vanilla bean
11g sugar/42g serving (26.2% by wt.)

Theo is one of my favorite chocolate companies. It’s based right here in Seattle, and while I haven’t yet been on the tour of their Fremont factory, one of my regular stops in that neighborhood is the storefront where visitors can sample most of their bars. (Most local stores carry a decent selection of Theo bars, and several are available nationally.) In addition to the bars the company makes delicate truffles, caramels, and other confections in a wide variety of interesting flavors. Most of their ingredients are certified organic and fair trade, they’ve partnered up to produce a vegan line, and they change some flavors seasonally. (Again, this is Seattle.) All those credentials do come at a price, but it’s a relatively reasonable $4 for the 3oz. bars in their Classic Collection, which includes the mint bar.

The reason I’m reviewing Theo’s mint bar this week is to compare it with last week’s Endangered Species dark mint. That bar had a similar cacao and sugar content, but otherwise the two diverge. Recall that the Endangered Species chocolate was very middle-of-the-road, a little chalky, and with only a touch of mint. The Theo chocolate is rich and creamy. Its darkness isn’t the sort of depth you get lost in but rather a sweet-tart juiciness like rose hip or hibiscus tea. The mint is much brighter than that in the Endangered Species chocolate, though it’s not at all overwhelming. The large, thin, smooth bar breaks up easily without bending or shattering, and all the flavors linger for a while, which isn’t necessary but is interesting. This isn't my favorite chocolate ever, but it's a very good mint bar.

Conclusion: Theo’s dark mint bar is an excellent option when you want your fix of mint.

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