Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chocolate Shops: Grendelsweets

I'd been meaning to visit Grendelsweets since I wrote up my posts on tasting chocolate in Seattle, but I rarely make it to the area where the shop is located. The other day I had an appointment nearby, so I stopped in the shop and bought several confections, though I have yet to try the hyped (and tasty sounding) hot chocolate. Here's a brief review.

Grendelsweets is a small shop inside Crossroads Mall, just a confection counter to the left of the door and a prep area in the back. The woman who helped me was positive and patient, but more importantly, the chocolates are made in-house with many organic, fair trade (etc.) ingredients and in interesting flavors. I chose a half dozen, which I came home and split with my co-taster. We were both pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the ganaches and coatings and the complex, balanced flavors, but I was most impressed by the fact that none of my selections turned out to be too sweet—even potentially cloying dipped marzipan and buttercream-filled orange cream, the latter of which was flavored with spicy, rich orange oil.

So okay, this is just another confection store, not one of our local bar shops or bean-to-bar producers, but in the end I decided to review the shop because it deserves it: For those in the area, Grendelsweets is a worthy destination for high quality confections.

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