Saturday, December 3, 2011

Madécasse 75% Cocoa Single Origin Madagascar

2.64oz (75g) bar
Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla
10g sugar/37.5g serving (26.7% by wt.)

Corporate Info: Madécasse has one of those interesting progressive-chocolate-company stories: The American founders met as Peace Corps volunteers in Madagascar and decided to not only grow their cacao there (not unusual) but also process and package the chocolate there to benefit the local community. The company claims to be paying good wages and using sustainable farming practices, and has impressed The New York Times and Fast Company (among others) with its commitment and innovation. The bars are not officially labeled fair trade or organic, but from what I read, the process is essentially a variation on both of those complicated labels. Madécasse produces a relatively small selection of plain and flavored bars. In the past I've tried and liked the 63% cacao barwith sea salt and nibs, and today I'm trying a basic 75% bar the wrapper describes as “dark & bold.”

Appearance: Basic semi-glossy, medium brown, not especially red or grey or anything.

Smell: Warm and sweet, caramelly dried fruit.

Taste: Texture is crunchy melting into creamy. Intense, tannic—that is, bitter in a drying, astringent way. It's pretty hardcore when it first hits, but as the chocolate melts, the thick, rich creaminess mellows the flavor so it's still intense but not like a punch in the mouth. Indeed dark and bold!

Conclusion: Madécasse 75% Cocoa Single Origin Madagascar is intense and thickly creamy, good for those who like their chocolate assertively dark.


  1. I actually haven't ever had any Madécasse bars, despite seeing them at a few co-ops and health foods stores. But I'd like to try their pink pepper and citrus, and cinnamon and sakay. They like pepper, it seems.

    Hmm, they recently changed their labels. I think I prefer the older labels better...

  2. Oh hey, look at that! I guess they're going for an African print vibe, not that I'm any expert. I'm not sure it works against the Madécasse logo...maybe they should change the font there too?

    Anyway, I've been liking what I've had from the company, and it sounds like you can trust what they say about the flavor so you don't waste your money on something not to your taste. I wonder if it ever goes on sale?